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Fashion Interns and Graphic Designers Needed

If you are a graphic designer who is skilled with Photo Shop and other design programs who feels they have a fashion sense about them we are looking to work with you. We need fashion interns to help us grow and who are looking to learn the industry while working with a small start-up company.

ShowUpSharp is a snapback and apparel store that is currently doing most of our business online. We have many partners and sponsor many independent artists but as we are expanding we need to add some new talent to our team. These positions could lead to pay if we end up using your designs or if you stay with us and prove your worth.

If you are interested in working with us and helping us expand our snapback collection and online presence please contact us today.

Verified SnapBack
Price: $23.99

Verified SnapBack Cap with Brown body and Orange Coloring.



New SnapBack Video | Track Eaters with ShowUpSharp SnapBack

As you may or may not know, ShowUpSharp is one of the biggest supporters of independent hip-hop and indie artists everywhere. One of our biggest supporters is Track Eaters, the Jersey bread hip-hop group who produce some of the rawest beats and most original sounds around.

Below, is one of their newest videos “Jersey Music” where you will see the up-and-coming group supporting our original snapbacks.




Do you want dope and swag photos on your dash?So follow me 


Do you want dope and swag photos on your dash?
So follow me 

This Song is #Serious ! @iAmSINJE

Song is #Bananas ! #Relate #GoodHipHop #NowhereToGo @SHALIEKRIVERS @iAmSINJE



Download This Dedication Track Here & Be A Part Of Track Made For 40 Artists To Be On! #HoodieUp



#Dedication Track #HoodieUp Download and Drop 16

This is a dedication to every1we’ve lost. We’re looking for artists to collaborate on this! email to